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Welcome to Primavera Mini Hotel

Primavera is an unusual hotel 3 *** stars, on the 2nd floor of an elegant building (no elevator) in the historic center of Perugia. The hotel is within walking distance of major attractions of the city of Perugia: Corso Vannucci, the main street of the promenade and shopping district, the Palazzo dei Priori with the beautiful Sala dei Notari that houses at the third floor the Umbria National Gallery , national museum of absolute importance given the presence of some of the most important masterpieces of the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance. Always at the center it is to report the Gothic Cathedral of San Lorenzo, together with the adjacent museum and archaeological route, is an important cultural center of the city. Also worthy of note, some of which give the name to the rooms of the hotel, like the Palace San Bernardo (seat of the Faculty of Languages ​​of the University of Perugia) a few meters from numerous historic buildings and impressive churches, the Palazzo Oddi Marini Clarelli, prestigious House Museum, the Church of St. Teresa of Avila, Spanish mystic, the recently restored tower of SCIRI and the Church of St. Anne, whose entrance is located along the via francigena. Very near the hotel there are, finally, the University of Perugia and the University for Foreigners hosting students from around the world.

Stranger to the usual chaotic rhythm …

The Primavera is stranger to the usual chaotic rhythm of the squares and main streets such as Corso Vannucci, Via dei Priori and Piazza Morlacchi. It is located in the quiet street Vincioli which takes its name from the Benedictine monaco Peter Vincioli – born in Agello and died in Perugia in 1022- founder of the Benedictine monastery of San Pietro in Perugia, today appreciated basilica.

Via Vincioli is a characteristic lane inserted in one of the pedestrian paths, that of the Tower of SCIRI (clearly visible from the hotel) made especially to make known to travelers, from within the beautiful historical center of Perugia.

The Primavera is well connected to two large parking very close by the escalators and Minimetrò (Mini as the hotel) which made it just a pawn the city of Perugia.

The welcome, our passion …

To welcome you at the hotel you will find Chiara and Maria Teresa at the reception; the staff every morning will take care of your room (and if you have any preference on how to tidy up the room, ask us); Roberto, who will rush to your aid in times of difficulty and Miranda, who despite doing the grandmother almost full time continue to always welcome you with her beautiful smile.

The rooms overlook the famous hills of Umbria and on the roofs of old houses. Look over some of the major monuments of the center such as the Tower of SCIRI, the church of San Filippo Blacks, Cesaroni Palace (seat of the Umbria region) and the church of San Francesco to the lawn. Each room is different from the others in shape, exposure and other details that enhance the features.

Come to know us…

The photos you see on the side tell a little of us.

Welcome our guests feel like friends and family, the hands of parents who give us aid in hotels, tinted glasses of Clare and the long tail hair of Maria Teresa ..

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